What Are Origami Flowers?

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Origami is an age old paper folding technique that had originated in Japan but is now known all over the world. The conventional butterflies in Japan are made using this technique during auspicious occasions. They are made of materials that can be made easily folded, more specifically in the shape of a crane. A special origami paper is known as kami which is available for making origami craft work. There are other types too such as the wash origami paper. At times, paper can be made of hemp, wheat, bamboo and rice which can be used for making an origami flower. Preparing origami objects is essentially a group activity. One needs to treat it as such. The activities are easy but the paper needs to be folded in a specific direction, to get the proper figureine. This art usually replicates objects used in real life and make paper shapes of them. Listed below are some flowers that can be made easily just by using Origami:

How to make Lotus-

First take a 6 inch square piece of one sided origami paper. Hold one of the colored sides up and then the paper must be diagonally in the middle. The diagonal must be unfolded again and make a fold for another diagonal. Repeat the procedure of folds and unfolds for the horizontal, mid-lines and vertical lines

One can fold a corner of the paper in the middle, again repeat the procedure, for the remaining three edges. It is usually a small square of the original one, then again fold the corners of this small square in the middle, just by the previously finished method. Again repeat the procedure of folding the corners.

Now one needs to turn the smaller square and can repeat the corner folding procedure from the backside as well. Reach the back of the corner, and pull that flap around to the front. Open the adjacent flaps to avoid damage. The procedure needs to be repeated for the rest of the corners too. This is how one can create an origami flower lotus.

How to Make a Lily-

One needs to take a square shaped origami paper and needs to fold it in the origami balloon base. Make a squash fold and repeat the method for the other three corners. This gives a kite shape to the flower in making

One needs to take the lower edge of the paper on its centerline and it needs to be unfolded as soon as possible. Next, the top corner needs to be folded in the bottom direction and opened it. The folding marks need to be visible clearly.

This is the fold that one must repeat at the edge of the balloon base. This results in asmaller kite over the larger one. A point of the kite needs to be folded and the procedure needs to be repeated to get a diamond shape

Next, the top edges of the “diamond” need to be folded and the procedure needs to be repeated for three more times. Once finished with the folding, the paper needs to be turned upside down.

Then one needs to hold the base of the formed petals in the fingers of a hand and run a pencil along with the thumb of the other hand through the length of the petal. This procedure needs to be repeated to give a curly finish.

So go ahead and make an origami flower today with your neighborhood kids and your own and have a ball!

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