Wear A Toga And Look like A Real Roman Emperor

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Toga was a garment that was worn in ancient Rome and till the recent times, was a clothing of intrigue. Contrary to the the popular belief, not everbody in ancient Rome wore it. It was basically a piece of clothing that was approximately 20 feet in length and was worn around the body, over a tunic. It is a two-piece clothing where the toga is made of wood, whereas the tunic is made of linen.

Initially the toga was worn by every citizen of the country, but later on it was restricted to only the men.

There is a bit of history behind this intriguing garment which continues to puzzle people till this date. If one casts his mind back, they will know ancient Roman had both freedmen and slaves. The toga was worn by the free Roman men only. The best part about Toga was (and still is) it requires almost no stitching. To hold it in place, at times a broach or some other kind of a clasp would be used to keep it in place. At times, lead weights were sown to keep it from flying since no other garment was worn beneath it. When a statesman was campaining for elections, he would use white chalk to make himself conspicuous. There were different togas for different occasions. For instance for a military man, the toga was a “toga picta” which had bright colors and embroidered. When a person was in mourning, he or she wore a “toga sordida” or a “toga pulla” which had darker hues.

In recent times, the togas have mainly gotten popular because of the increase in the frequency of certain costumes party such as the toga costume party. If one is planning to attend a party or make a toga just for fun, listed below are some points which will help one know how to make a toga. What does one need to make an impression at a toga party?

Materials required:

3 Safety Pins



Fabric which measres atleast 4 feet of fabric

Knowing how to make a toga does not require much time or effort. For those who feel extremely extravagrant, they are more than welcome to make a toga of 20 feet. To exercise caution, it is recommended to keep one’s toga length upto 4-6 feet.

Next, since the length of the fabric is 5 feet, one may fold the fabric in two parts, i.e., fold it in half. Use a pin and fix one end to one’s waist, and to wrap the fabric around it (waist) once. Then, the remaining part of the toga should be thrown around the shoulder, and pinned to the waist again.

To know how to make a toga, not only provides millions of fun options to people looking for a bit of fun, but also gives people an alternative from wearing the usual clothes for their wardrobe, day in and day out. It also helps one pass time constructively. Learn to make a toga today!