Trick Or Treat Safely

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Halloween is here again and the kids are all excited as well as all of you adults. It is the one time of year that everyone of any age has a great excuse to dress up anyway they want without looking too crazy! The kids not only love to dress up – but they love to go trick or treating and collect as much candy as they can.

As fun at trick or treating is it can also be dangerous to those who are really young. In order to prevent anything from happening to your children you need to know how to keep them and you safe during this fun time.

Get your kids and all of their friends together in a big group. It is best to have more then one adult to help supervise and keep everyone from leaving the group. Remember that each adult needs to be carrying a flashlight.

Just because you look scary and are having fun doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. You still need to obey all the traffic laws. Walk on the sidewalk at all times and look both ways before crossing a street.

Some people don’t celebrate Halloween and don’t like to hand out candy. Usually these homes will leave their light off so its best to only visit homes that have their porch light on. This means that they are expecting company and are happy to have you come to their door.

Wear costumes that are flame resistant and that your child will not trip on. In order to make sure that drivers and other people can see them when it is dark have them wear costumes that are light or place reflective tape on the front and back of them.

If your child or you are going to wear a mask make sure that their vision isn’t impaired and that they can see everything around them.

NEVER enter a home of someone you don’t know. And always make sure that you never leave any kids behind.